Welcome to PCSoc!

Hi! 🙂 Welcome to UNSW PCSoc!

PCSoc is a community focused on computer, technology and the IT industry! We cater from beginners to all levels of enthusiasts.

Need tech support or building your first PC? Want to find other people interested in mechanical keyboards? Or maybe you would like to learn more about computers and technology! We are the community to join! 🙂

Our Core Focus

Topics and areas of interest we cater to:

  • PC building
  • PC modding
  • PC Gaming
  • Servers and home lab
  • Networking and IT
  • Quantum computing (in partnership with UNSW Q-Soc)
  • New hardware and trends in technology
  • Sci-fi fandom

Our Events

We run a wide variety of events on campus, including

  • Fortnightly workshops on computer hardware,
  • Weekly movie and gaming nights on Discord,
  • LAN parties at the beginning of every term,
  • Sausage sizzle barbecues, and social meetups!

In addition to these, we also hold events online on our Discord server!
From the comfort of your own home, you can enjoy movie nights and casual gaming nights, featuring games such as skribbl.io and Rainbow Six: Siege.

All of our events are absolutely free to attend, so there’s no reason not to come on over and introduce yourself!

Check out our past events here!

Get in touch with us

For more information about us and our events, check out our Facebook page, or join our Discord server.

Make sure to officially join our club on SpArc too – you’ll need to if you want to participate in our General Meetings and elections.